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sarıca halı

About Us


Founded by Mr.Mustafa SARICA in 1970 in Manisa Demirci, Sarica Carpets provides carpets to

mosques, hotels and dormitories nationally and internationally by gaining the satisfaction of

customers by adapting the technology, innovations since 1970.


In line with its mission….


Sarica Carpets provides the highest quality during and after sale phases by adapting the principle

of customer satisfaction. Sarica Carpets that has made its mark with it new carpet and prayer rug

models and design plans have become popular in the sector in a short time


Sarica Carpets aims an unconditional customer satisfaction and thus it works harder to provide

customers with morde then their needs and expectations. It constantly provides its customers

with innnovative and creative models by adopting a repectful, sinccere and honest relation with

its customers. It also strives to contribute in increasing the life quality of the community.